You hate doing Sales?

by Mar 11, 2024

You hate doing Sales?

Picture the pushy car salesperson who breathes down your neck. No one aspires to be that. Is that what sales is to you? It used to be for me 🤔.

It’s time to shatter that stereotype ❌.

The first shift in perspective? Not every call has to culminate in a sale. The pressure is off! This is the beauty of the numbers game – only every ‘x’ number of calls might result in a sale, and that’s perfectly fine 👌.

With the pressure off, your call morphs into a discovery session. Is your product the right fit for this customer? Engage in a free-flowing conversation, ask questions, and explore whether your product can add value to their life. If not, it’s not the end of the world 🌏.

Once a fitting product is identified, customers often present obstacles. They seek validation and assurance. It’s your moment to shine – overcome hurdles by providing information, calculating the ROI, securing manager approvals, or suggesting creative solutions 🌈.

But what’s the single most crucial factor in sales?

Believe in your product 💡.

If you wouldn’t buy it yourself, don’t sell it. Passion and belief in a product can make a world of difference in sales 🚀.

How do you perceive sales?


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