What the customer really wants

by Jun 1, 2023

You need to listen to what the customer wants.

But you also need to read between the lines, to find the real solution.

How to read between the lines?

1️⃣ customer talks in viable solutions that he can think of, instead of the real problem or need.

2️⃣ customer talks about optimizing has part of the process, but never about the process itself.

3️⃣ customer talks from the perspective of his knowledge of current tech. Often there is more possible than he knows.

4️⃣ customer tries to automate, but not taking advantage of the benefits. Copying a paper form to a PDF is digitalization, but that isn’t the automation that you want.

5️⃣ question everything. use the 5-whys technique to get a deeper understanding of the problem or need.

How do you read between the lines?

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