Email validation on Leads

by Dec 2, 2022

Dynamics 365 Sales added Email Validation on Leads.

A small feature that I almost missed. But it comes with great power.

It analyzes the primary email address in lead records to identify the ones that can’t receive email.

It looks for the following issues:

Incorrect syntax: An address that doesn’t contain both a username and an email domain

Disposable domain: An address that contains a known disposable or temporary email domain

Test or spam email addresses: An address that contains known indicators of a test or spam address in the email header or metadata, IP address, HTML code of the email, and email content and formatting

Expired email addresses: An email account that has expired and can no longer receive or send email

Emails that bounce back: An address that can’t receive a message for any reason

Normally this is a feature you find in Email Marketing Automation apps, but now it’s built into Dynamics 365 Sales.

At least, if you have Enterprise or Premium version (or Microsoft Relationship Sales). Which I think is a got fit for this feature, because people will want to pay for this.

Marketers will be incredibly happy with this feature that will improve their lead quality.

But, Microsoft, why didn’t you add it also to Contacts? 🤷 Some companies are not using Leads and it would still benefit them.

What do you think about this feature?

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