Escape your characters

by Oct 5, 2022

Yesterday I posted about variables when sending mails using ActiveCampaign.

Talking about variables like %RSS:ITEM:TITLEβ€Œ% inside an email I send using ActiveCampaign will of course trigger ActiveCampaign to replace these variables πŸ™„. Stupid of me!

The email didn’t make any sense without them variables.

What I should have done is one of two things:

βœ… Escaping characters
By replacing some characters in the variable with special HTML Escape Characters. For example, by replacing the character % with %. This is what I ended up doing.

βœ… Add invisible html tags
By adding a <span/> somewhere in the variable, like %RSS:ITEM:TITLEβ€Œ<span>%.

To use either one of these solutions depends on how your editor treats HTML. In WordPress you need to convert your Paragraph block to Custom HTML to apply this.

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