Inbox Zero in Outlook?

by Dec 20, 2023

Inbox Zero in Outlook?

I try this using these features in Outlook:

🚩 Mark as Action Flag the email and Archive it. Now they are in your Todo list app.

📅 Respond with Meeting Is the Action a meeting or needs to happen at a certain time? Add it to your calendar. You can do this by dragging it to your calendar / My Day widget or use a quick actions (or right click).

📌 Reply Later Pin these emails. They appear on top, so it forces you to not let the list grow too big and respond in time.

🕒 Set Aside Snooze when you can’t decide what to do with the email.

📰 Other Inbox Mark Newsletters or not important emails for the Other inbox. At least once a week go through them. If you don’t read them or they are not valuable then unsubscribe.

📃 Paper Trail Move order confirmations, tracking info, tickets, etc. to a folder Paper Trail.

💸 Invoices Move Invoices to the folder Invoices. Once a month process these.

🚫 Junk email. Block contact when it is junk email. Once a month go quickly though it and delete all.

📦 Archive or Delete Everything else goes into Archive (or Delete it right away). Have an auto-delete policy after 1 year. Optional: have an Archive Forever folder.

How do you achieve Inbox zero?


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