Make HTML More Powerful! 💪

by Aug 3, 2023

Make HTML More Powerful! 💪

Four issues with HTML: 1. Why should only ‘a’ and ‘form’ element 🔤 be able to make HTTP requests? 2. Why should only click & submit events 👆 trigger them? 3. Why should only GET & POST methods 📥 be available? 4. Why should you only be able to replace the entire page 🔄?

What if every HTML element could make a request? 🤔 What if we could update just a part of the page? 🔄💡 What if we could break free from all these arbitrary constraints? 🚀

Introducing HTMX! 🎉

HTMX feels like the logical evolution of HTML. 🧬 It gives you these capabilities through simple HTML attributes – no JavaScript needed! ❌🔡

It’s time for this to be part of HTML 6! 🎯

It’s a game-changer, shifting web development away from the SPA approach, JavaScript frameworks, and client-side rendering… 🔄📊

Bringing back server-side rendering of HTML. You can leverage your back-end knowledge once again!

And, I’ve got to say, I’m loving it! 😍


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