Power Automate: The unknown automation platform…

by Nov 8, 2023

Power Automate: The unknown automation platform…

Picture this 🖼️: You’re in a conversation about automation tools.

The names ‘Zapier’ and ‘Make’ pop up, and nods of recognition follow. But when ‘Power Automate’ enters the chat, you’re met with blank stares…

Why? 😮

I think it has to do with Microsoft’s approach, treating Power Automate more as an ‘enterprise product’. Visit their landing page or pricing page, and you’re immediately greeted with corporate jargon. 🗣️💼

Wouldn’t it be better to appeal to the ‘Citizen Automators’? 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Here’s a thought 💡.

Introduce a free tier to give citizen automators a taste of the platform.

Then design a landing page that speaks directly to them, in a language they understand.

And finally, offer a pricing ladder that can go toe-to-toe with competitors like Zapier and Make. 📈🥊

With a few changes, Power Automate could go from an unknown to one of the big known automation platforms. 🏆

What do you think? 🧐

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