Why should you use Bulk Email Sender app

by Aug 12, 2022

When you want to send bulk emails, like newsletters, don’t do this from your own mail account or Dynamics 365 (unless it’s Dynamics 365 Marketing which is also a Bulk Email Sender).

– save you a massive amount of time and money by sparing you the headache of manually sending the same message to hundreds (or even thousands!) of recipients.

– enable you to track which of those recipients open your message and click on the links within.

– email design that works on desktop and mobile is exceedingly difficult. Bulk Email Sender have good email editor that help with problem and offer a lot of templates.

– but the best reason is spamming protection! You don’t want your own email (domain) to be marked as spammer. Email Sender apps are designed with your reputation in mind and will safeguard this.

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