5 ways to find data in Dataverse

by Oct 19, 2022

5 ways to find data in Dataverse.

How to find data in Datavers from simple to most powerful way:

βœ… Dataverse Search

In the middle on top there is a big Search bar, which is sometimes overlooked. It has great power to find what you ask for. Not yet enabled? Do it in the Power Platform Admin Center.

βœ… Modern Advanced Find

To go-to way to find data for users. Now it’s being modernized and moved to the Search bar. Open it and click on the text ‘Search for rows in a table using advanced filters’. It’s also available on each view by the button ‘Edit filters’.

With the Level Up chrome extension, it’s still possible to navigate to the Legacy Advanced Find 🀫.

βœ… FetchXML Builder in the XrmToolBox

The go-to tool for most consultants in this world. FetchXML is the query language of Dataverse and this tool makes it easy to create it and run it.

βœ… SQL 4 CDS in the XrmToolBox

My new favorite tool to find data, created by Mark Carrington. You can now dust off your SQL knowledge that you used on-premises and apply it to Dataverse.

It integrates well with FetchXML Builder so you can go back and forth between both tools.

The magical feature is that it also supports INSERT-, UPDATE- and DELETE-statements!

βœ… Excel and Power BI

For doing real analysis we can also use Excel and Power BI to connect with Dataverse. When connected you can use Power Query to go through your data.

What is your favorite tool? Did I miss any?

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