Removing DefaultCommandLibrary

by Sep 19, 2022

💡Tip: Is DefaultCommandLibrary blocking your deployments?

Last week we had an issue deploying, because suddenly we had a dependency on a component library called DefaultCommandLibrary. Our quick fix was to add the dependency to the solution.

But then it was complaining about another dependency, called an App Element, which we couldn’t add to the solution using Power App Maker.

These components are created when you open the new Command bar designer. Somebody in our team played with it, but in the end didn’t add a button: these components were still added.

Lucky I found this blog post: Quick Fix – Can’t Delete That Command Bar Component Library? by Tae Rim Han. It explained the reason and how to fix it.

But I used SQL 4 CDS by Mark Carrington, my favorite go-to tool when working on Dataverse to fix the issue. I used the following queries to find the components:

SELECT * FROM appaction 
SELECT * FROM appelement  -- this one you can't delete from Power App Maker :-(

SQL 4 CDS also allows us to write INSERT-, UPDATE- and DELETE-statements so the issue was quickly resolved!

DELETE FROM appelement WHERE appelementid = '<the appelementid you want to delete>'

Did I tell you already that SQL 4 CDS is my favorite go-to tool?!

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